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What Is GrantMe? Reviews, Support, and A Female Founder

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Written By GrantMe

Since starting the club in August 2020, we’ve had the opportunity to speak to and host many women who have incredible stories. Madison Guy, the founder of GrantMe, presented a keynote to the club a little while ago about her story of becoming a female entrepreneur.

GrantMe is an education consulting platform that supports students with university and scholarship preparation through their online program. They support with university preparation, scholarship matching and application editing, interview coaching, and career development. They also provide mentorship and 1-1 meetings to help students stand out from the crowd and achieve their education goals.

Madison Guy was a student-athlete at UBC who, in her second year of university, realized that she had to figure out how to pay for school. She played soccer for UBC and so between practices and studying, she didn’t have time to get a job. That’s when she started researching and applying to scholarships. She figured out a system to search for and apply for grants and scholarships, and by the end of university, she had amassed over $50,000 in scholarships, allowing her to graduate without taking on any debt. Once she realized that this was a great need for her peers too, she started helping out classmates and friends around campus, and then once she graduated, GrantMe was born.

Since 2017, Madison has worked to build GrantMe from a 3 person team to an 80+ person team. As a female founder, she has also been recognized on countless occasions for her determination and fearlessness. She has been featured in Forbes, CTV, and Macleans. GrantMe has been able to support students like Ishita and Will who now have tons of options for their futures, got into their top choice universities, and will be able to graduate debt-free.

For more information on GrantMe, you can check out their Arrivala review page and Trustpilot review page here.

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