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Who Run the World?

Learn more about our "Who Run the World?" Charity Run-a-thon, and scroll down to find our scavenger hunt information!

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Click here for more information about Plan International's "Girls Get Equal" Campaign

Please contact for participant or sponsorship related inquiries

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UBC WEC x The Dream Charity's "Who Run The World?" Run-a-thon is a chance for the community to get active for a good cause! Want to participate? You have a couple options: 


(1) Be a Runner: Every kilometre you run will be an invaluable contribution to Plan International!

  • Download the Strava app and join the Who Run The World Run-a-Thon team to allow us to track the number of kilometres you run.

  • Be connected with runners in your area and be invited to group runs!

  • Reach out to family and friends who might be interested in pledging money per kilometre that you run to raise money! 

  • UBC WEC and The Dream Charity will also reach out to businesses across the lower mainland to sponsor all of the runners! 

  • Compete to win the Run-a-Thon prize, which includes merchandise from all of our sponsors. 


How do you win? 

  • Each kilometre that you run will count as one point! 

  • Each store or business that's included in our sponsors list that you visit or order merchandise from (picture required) will add to your total with 2 points each! 

  • Each 'scavenger hunt' milestone will add additonal points to your total!

(2) Be a Sponsor*: Every dollar you donate will go to Plan International's Girls Get Equal Campaign! 

  • Sign up to be a sponsor by donating a certain amount of money per kilometre the Run-a-Thon team runs! 

  • Donate a lump sum to our cause! 

  • Have your business be included as a sponsor 


*Tax receipts available upon request for donations of more than $25

Scavenger Hunt

To earn points for completing these activities, take a selfie in front of the specified location/item and send the picture to us through email, Instagram or Facebook DM, or accompanied with your Strava posts.


There are two types of activities: general activities and milestones:

  • General activities are available for completion throughout the entire event.

  • Milestones will be revealed at 0800h (8AM PST) every odd-numbered day on our social media pages. These milestone activities would be available for completion until 1159h the day they were posted.

General Activities:

  • Book a session with Altitude Performance and Health (2)

  • Visit Kaffina Coffee (2) and make a purchase (2)

  • Visit the Cloverdale Country Farmers Market (2)

    • For extra points, make a purchase here to support local farmers! (2)

  • Visit the Murrayville Square Quiznos’ in Langley (2) and make a purchase (2)

  • Visit any Grounds for Coffee location (2) and make a purchase (2)

  • Post on your Instagram story what power, freedom and representation for girls and young women mean to you and tag us in the story! (0.5)

  • Visit a shelter or support a centre for women (0.5)

  • Post on your Instagram story about your favourite accomplishment by a woman and tag us in the story (0.5)

  • Find a flat rock (0.5)

  • Take a picture with a furry friend that you meet on your run (0.5)

  • Visit a playground (0.5)

  • Find a plant with berries (0.5)

  • Find a tree with smooth bark (0.5)

  • Find a yellow flower (0.5)

  • Find an apple tree (0.5)

  • Find a Canada goose (0.5)

  • Find a caterpillar or a snail (0.5)

  • Find a yellow fish in the streets (0.5)

  • Find the answer to this riddle: At night they come without being fetched, and by day they are lost without being stolen. (0.5) 

  • Wear a purple clothing item while running (0.5)

*Values in parentheses are the amount of points that will be added to your score

Thank you to our Event Sponsors

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