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Our Campaigns

Learn about the actions UBC Women Empowerment Club takes to make a difference in our community.

Social Media Campaigns

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Strong, brave, compassionate. 


There are so many words to describe the women in our lives. Our first Instagram campaign: Women in a Word is all about appreciation, acknowledgement, and empowerment for the women in your world. We want you to tell us what women mean to you. Whether it be yourself, your mentors, mothers, or friends, tell us how you would describe the women in your life. 


To take part: on your story, fill in the prompt above using one word, use the hashtag #womeninaword, and nominate three of your friends to do the same. Tag us as well so that we can feature your posts!


With all of your submissions, we will create one big word cloud to serve as the background to our Facebook and website. Feel free to get as creative and imaginative as you want! We encourage everyone to participate in this event and look forward to sharing the final collage with all of you!

Community Initiatives

Dough-nations for the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre

The UBC Women Empowerment Club is partnering with KRISPY KREME (Delta) to provide you all with an opportunity to help out the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre and get some delicious doughnuts (with free contactless delivery) this holiday season!


We are looking to donate both the proceeds from the fundraiser AND other items of which they are in need.

Even if you don't want any donuts, you can still donate money or items!

ALL proceeds will be going to the DEWC!

Click below to check out what we accomplished:

All proceeds raised and items collected

Prevention of Violence Against Women Seminar

Sixty-seven percent of Canadians know a woman who has experienced physical or sexual abuse. On November 25, we acknowledge the International Day of the Elimination of Violence against Women. 


To spread awareness about this issue, UBC WEC has partnered with U of A WEW to create a panel discussion that will shed light on important resources and facts that may help people understand aspects of both sexual and domestic violence against women. To learn how to further support those that have or may be experiencing violence (whether it be domestic, or sexual), be sure to come by and participate in this discussion. 


To provide you with these resources, strategies, and information, we bring three capable speakers: a specialist on domestic violence, one on sexual violence, and a psychologist who can speak to the strategies with which we can move through these topics while being mindful of our own mental health

Women in the Workplace

Women have always experienced hardships in the workforce, especially in traditionally male-dominated fields. Through this seminar, we hope to encourage the younger generation of women to pursue their choice of careers without fear of judgement by peers and society. We invited women on November 7th from different professions to speak and answer your questions about their jobs, experiences and workplace environment. 

At the first event of the Women in the Workplace series, we had:

Haley Hrymak (Lawyer) 

Dr. Lori Brotto (Psychologist and UBC Professor) 

Madison Guy (Entrepreneur and founder of GrantMe) 

These wonderful women shared their stories to success and some of the challenges they encountered in their journeys. To attend future WEC seminars, follow our Instagram page, or sign up to be a general member to be notified of upcoming events! 

Have any requests for professions to be covered in the future? Send us a DM or an email and we'll do our best to find someone suitable to answer all your questions!

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