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Our Campaigns

Learn about the actions UBC Women Empowerment Club takes to make a difference in our community.

Social Media Campaigns

Strong, brave, compassionate. 


There are so many words to describe the women in our lives. Our first Instagram campaign: Women in a Word is all about appreciation, acknowledgement, and empowerment for the women in your world. We want you to tell us what women mean to you. Whether it be yourself, your mentors, mothers, or friends, tell us how you would describe the women in your life. 


To take part: on your story, fill in the prompt above using one word, use the hashtag #womeninaword, and nominate three of your friends to do the same. Tag us as well so that we can feature your posts!


With all of your submissions, we will create one big word cloud to serve as the background to our Facebook and website. Feel free to get as creative and imaginative as you want! We encourage everyone to participate in this event and look forward to sharing the final collage with all of you!

Community Initiatives

Coming soon

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