About Us

UBC Women Empowerment Club began in August, 2020 and is dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment for those who self-identify as women and their allies at UBC. This organization accepts all who share the vision of uplifting women and wish to spread the fact that gender equity is essential in today’s world. No matter your race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or faith, UBC WEC welcomes you to be part of the community, as we recognize the importance of intersectionality in feminism.

UBC WEC will strive to support vulnerable women in the community by organizing fundraisers, such as menstrual product drives, in partnership with other Lower Mainland community organizations. These events will also require volunteers who seek the opportunity to make a difference in their community and desire a sense of accomplishment in their work. UBC WEC will also host several events to build confidence and educate its members. These events will include seminars, physical fitness activities and self-defence classes.

UBC WEC takes COVID-19 seriously and at this time all events will be held online.

To keep up to date with our campaigns and learn about various topics relating to our cause from home, follow our Instagram and Facebook, and sign up to become a general member to receive our newsletter.

Meet our Team

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Arumann Dhillon



Arumann is a physiology major at UBC who is passionate about improving the healthcare system through the elimination of racial and sex based bias, and cultural taboos around the women’s reproductive system. She also enjoys painting, reading novels, and fitness.

Gurangelie Rai

Communication Director


Gurangelie is pursuing a BSc. in behavioural neuroscience at UBC. She has a passion for humanitarian work and learning about various social justice affairs in her community. Gurangelie also enjoys playing soccer, baking, and being among nature.

Melanie Tan

Events Director


Melanie is currently majoring in microbiology & immunology at UBC. She enjoys visiting dessert cafes, completing puzzles, and learning about the different ways discrimination manifests itself in society.

Gurleen Jammu

Communication Director


Gurleen is currently pursuing a BSc. in biology at UBC. She enjoys the outdoors, cooking, and learning about various healthcare disciplines through volunteer experiences.

Una Spasovski



Una is pursuing a BSc. in behavioural neuroscience at UBC. She enjoys reading mystery novels, rewatching Friends whenever she can and informing the community of new ways to help eliminate institutional discrimination.

Prab Khattra

Events Director


Prab is majoring in physiology and microbiology at UBC. She spends her free time baking, watching The Office, and educating herself on inequality around the world.

Helen Kopystecki

Communication Director


Helen is currently pursuing a BSc. in geology at UBC. She loves rocks, photography, and learning about intersectional feminism.

Eknoor Sohal



Eknoor is pursuing a Bsc. at UBC and is majoring in biology. She is interested in using humanitarian work and activism as means of engaging with the community and bringing about social change. Eknoor loves videography and editing, making an unnecessary amount of Tik Tok videos and going on adventures with her friends.

Ekroop Sohal

Events Director


Ekroop is currently pursuing a BSc. in biology at UBC. Along with her love of dance and photography, she is interested in raising awareness about the incidence of chronic diseases and reducing them through education.

Jenine Hira



Jenine is pursuing a BSc. at UBC, majoring in microbiology & immunology. She enjoys paddle boarding, singing loudly in the car, rewatching Gossip Girl over and over again, and connecting with her community through organizations such as this one.